Commissioning Photography

By Cambridge Photographer Richard Bowring

What can I expect when commissioning photography and how much will it cost?

  • Digital cameras have radically changed the nature and expectation of a day’s photography.  With film, much of a photo shoot was concerned with backing up to make sure there was no possibility of problems when the rolls were developed: in effect, the same picture was taken again and again.
  • With digital, the image can be checked immediately for focus and exposure. And we can see straight away if a person’s eyes are closed!  This means that nowadays you can expect a huge increase in the amount of usable material after a shoot.
  • For example, a half day of photography can potentially yield upwards of 150 images which in turn, will result in an additional two hours of ‘processing’ back at the office.
  • Processing entails taking the RAW images from the camera, removing any unusable files, checking and altering the remaining pictures for white balance, exposure, contrast, highlight and shadow values, straightening, cropping and removing any marks if needed. The images are then batch processed as high resolution tiff files of around 40mb and as low res jpegs for use on the web.
  • In financial terms, a half day of photography costs around £250-£300+vat (This sum includes unlimited future use of images by the client).